My latest book,  released May 2019, is “Mond – Eine Biografie“, published with Kein & Aber. It is the story of the past, present and future of our Moon, its role in culture, together with the latest scientific research on our magnificent celestial neighbour. “Gibt es auf der dunklen Seite vom Mond Aliens?” ,  is written for children, answering their questions about space & the universe. My popular science book “Elefanten im All” describes the history and future of life and the universe.  It is also available in English under the title “Elephants in Space”, published by Springer. The German version is currently out of print and I will release an updated and revised version in 2019. I am particularly proud of “Da Draussen – Leben auf unserem Planeten und anderswo” (2014), the story of life on Earth and what life out there amongst the stars could be like. It is available in German (with Kein & Aber) and in Dutch (with NieuwAmsterdam: “Hallo daar!”).