Born Northumberland, England
PhD in theoretical cosmology from Durham University
NATO research fellow, University of California, Berkeley
Research fellow, University of Washington, Seattle
Royal society research fellow, Durham University
Professor, University of Zurich 2002-
Director, Institute for Theoretical Physics 2008-2012
Director, Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics & Cosmology

Research Interests
Cosmology: the origin of structure in the universe, from large to small scales. Gravity: the collapse of perturbations, violent relaxation, galactic dynamics. Astroparticle physics: nature of dark matter and dark energy
Planet formation: the origin of the solar system, exo-planetary systems. Astrobiology: origin of water, carbon on Earth, origin of life. Complex systems: non-linear dynamics, evolutionary algorithms, measures of chaos. Supercomputing: astrophysics simulation codes, parallel visualisation and analysis.

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200 publications, 30,000 citations, H index 83.  100+ invited conference presentations, scientific organisational/advisory committees, organiser of several graduate schools and international conferences.

Nato Prize Fellowship, Royal Society Fellowship, Leverhulme Prize, Chair of ESF AstroSim program,  Board of Tomalla Foundation, PRACE Scientific Steering Committee, Referee for EU & ESF programs, the journals Nature, Science, ApJ, A&A, MNRAS, PhysRevD, Scientific consultant for IWC Schaffhausen, Member SSSA,  AAAS, CHAPS, Board of PlanetS, advisory board Swiss Space Museum.