10 thoughts

1. Our Earth has made over four billion five hundred million orbits around the Sun.

2. The total biomass of bacteria outweighs the sum of all living animals.

3. Every breath you take contains molecules breathed by every human in history.

4. We see in the optical “visible” frequencies since our eyes have evolved to be sensitive to the sun which emits most of its energy in this range of wavelengths.

5. A train stays on the tracks because the wheels are angled like cones.

6. When you turn a corner on a cycle you point the wheel in the opposite direction of the curve.

7. The universe is expanding incredibly fast and the rate of expansion is increasing with time. Eventually all the stars will die and everything disappears from view.

8. Without the Moon, the Earth would spin chaotically and we would not have a stable climate.

9. If we rescale the history of the Universe to a 24hr clock, dinosaurs ruled the earth for 17 minutes whereas humans have been around for just one second before midnight.

10. All the atoms in your body are at least 4.5 billion years old – you are mostly stardust from the ashes of thousands of long gone stars.